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Greetings from Steve!
Steve Belmont Hola, my name is Steve Belmont and I am the owner of Tres Pelicanos Dive Center. Our company mantra is to "build our business one satisfied diver at a time"  and offer Cozumel scuba diving the way divers like to dive.  

Extended bottom time is our goal for each diver.  We do not limit dives to depth and time alone.  We encourage each diver to dive his own profile using their computers to stay within the safe limits of the sport.

Thanks to our customers, Tres Pelicanos Dive Center is rated one of the best dive shops in Cozumel, Mexico - check out our reviews on

It always irritated me to terminate a dive when one air challenged diver had to surface, or have a dive limited to 45 minutes. I felt that there could be a much better way to enjoy diving and get the most bang for your dollar using your entire tank of air or your computer bottom time SAFELY.

Fortunately here in Cozumel we can do exactly that. Our style of diving offers these parameters. We understand that not everyone uses air the same. Thus when a diver reaches 700 psi we ask them to buddy up and go to safety stop. When they complete their safety stop they can surface and the boat will pick them up. The rest of the group can continue their dive and surface as needed.

We can do this because there are many boats at any one time on the surface waiting for their divers. It is very rare that our boat is not right there, but if it is not close by, just ask one of the other boats to radio the SKINNY SHARK and that will bring our boat quickly. For over four years now we have instituted this method of diving and it has been very successful. Why don't you contact us and join our family of PELICAN divers?

Our PELICAN Family ...

Chan Fran





Francisco “aka” Chan Fran

Born on the Yucatan Peninsula Chan Fran has been a resident of Cozumel since he was four years old. He grew up with uncles fishing and learning the waters of Cozumel. He has captained boats working inside the National Park for over 15 years. His knowledge and skill are at the top of his trade. He navigates the boat safely to the sites and is there when divers surface. There are times when a diver may wait a few minutes for pick up and this is because Chan Fran is assisting boarding divers and changing our their tanks. He is fast and has the eyes of an Eagle. He can spot divers on the surface from distances that make me wonder. He puts the boat over the drop areas and maneuvers the boat to play the wind and current when picking up divers. We are fortunate to have him as El Capitan of the Skinny Shark.








Your first contact with Tres Pelicanos will likely be with Jeanie Buscher. She has over 18 years of experience putting together dive and hotel packages. Many of our clients are astounded at the speed in which she responds to requests and questions. She is our not so secret weapon. Contact her by emailing and you will be glad you did. She can also assist with Whale Shark tours and Cenote dives on the mainland. She has a restaurant list that will take you to some more out of the way places where the local food is good and cheap.  She will work with you to get you the most out of your dive vacation.

Jeanie and her husband Mike also work closley with the Cozumel Turtle Conservation Program. Every fall she teaches volunteers on how to assist with the release of baby turtles into the sea. Divers who visit Cozumel get a first hand experience with our sea turtles. They are our most photogenic subjects and it is seldom a dive where one does not see a Cozumel Tortuga. Our waters are nicely populated with these guys and a lot of credit goes to the Turtle Conservation Program for this.

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